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Introducing my gorgeous fifth born; the happiest, most colourful book of all! ❤️🌈🦋☀️🌻💙✨📚🏃🏻‍♀️

When I initially started this book, I had absolutely NO idea where it would take me.

It was originally supposed to be a self-help guide for those living with anorexia, be it directly or via a loved one. And then this little project just grew in momentum, and it now includes a mix of the following: signs to look out for in others, things to avoid saying to someone battling an eating disorder, potential triggers and how to manage them, lists of happy songs, empowering open letters to my body, a guide to meditation, yoga, recipes... and LOTS of running love!

It’s gone from being a structured work of non-fiction about anorexia to a vibrant wellbeing journal bursting with joy, and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s so different to anything I have ever penned! 😍

It also details my own story, from the very start, with insights into college (God help me!!), living in Ibiza, solo travel, and latterly my life over the course of 2021 when competitive running completely changed the course of my illness after 8 years.

It’s my first ‘interactive’ book which allows readers to add their own notes on blank pages after every section, including playlists of happy songs, favourite recipes, and lists of every day victories against anorexia (and mental health in general) that require celebration. I want my readers to follow the same journey of self-discovery that I did while writing this book.

Anorexia isn’t a happy topic, but the key message I aim to get across is that recovery is a journey (sometimes a life long one), and NOT a destination. Despite common misconception, you CAN live a happy and contented life alongside anorexia, which in itself is a victory. It’s about realising your own strengths, embracing your achievements and seeking the joy in the little moments. This is what my book is all about, and I hope it both educates and inspires others.

The most amazing thing for me is seeing how much has changed since I started writing this book in March last year. The book has grown alongside my own personal journey and I’m in a very different place now to where I was just 12 months ago. It’s mad to think that it was only June 2021 that I started racing and attending running events. Running has absolutely turned my life around and saved me! ❤️🏃🏻‍♀️

With HUMONGOUS thanks to the following:

❤️ My Mum, for writing a few pieces for this book to provide an invaluable insight into what it's like to deal with anorexia as a parent. And for dealing with anorexia as a parent. I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you for being not only my Mum, but my best friend, too.

❤️ Josh for leaving me to it in my little cacti-filled home-office night after night. Soz for waking you up at midnight by deliriously and tunelessly singing the Cha Cha Slide while half way through yet another laborious editing sesh'

❤️ My girls for being the absolute BEST. I am sorry that this book has taken up a LOT of my time over the past year. Let the regular afternoon tea catch-ups resume!!

❤️ My running family for welcoming me and sharing the indescribable happiness that blooms within our amazing community

❤️ David, my movement coach/ physio, for being an absolute GOD SEND during my knee injury. Truthfully, my mental health could have gone one of two ways while I was signed off running for six weeks. Thanks to your wisdom, knowledge and constant support, I was mostly able to avoid any anorexia-induced anxiety, and instead focus on recovery. And your taste in music just makes you even more of a legend! #noscrubs

❤️ Jeremy, for taking me to my races. Sorry for all of the freezing cold, 7am Sunday morning starts!

❤️ Michael, the race director at Run Cheshire, for squeezing me in with just days to go before the Colshaw Hall 10k run in June 2021. I was outside of the deadline for entries, but you granted my place, and this day alone changed EVERYTHING

❤️ Marmite, our Syrian Hamster, for keeping me company in my office. Although you do freak me out a bit - I swear it's not normal for a hamster to be pushing four-foot-nine when stood on hind legs... 😳

❤️ The guy who invented Pringles. Yes. Salt & Vinegar Pringles have been there for me throughout those aforementioned, mind-numbing editing hours. Who was it who famously said: If you're tired of Pringles, you're tired of life?

Oh yeah - me. I said it.

My book is available to buy on Amazon via the following link:



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