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‘Skinny Love, Full of Hate’ - Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2023

A poem I wrote ahead of Eating Disorder Awareness Week (27th February - 5th March 2023).

Skinny Love, Full of Hate

Skinny love, full of hate

Fork pushed around the plate

Whisper of skin

Lunch in the bin

Tears at the table

Wish I was able

The begs, the pleas

The presumption of ease

Just eat! Just eat!

Logic obsolete

Internal screams

Puncture my dreams

Nights shiver with regret

Forever in debt

Just one more mile

Then maybe a smile?

Day by day

I’m slipping away

This cracked mirror of reality

Forgets my prior individuality

Living a lie

Who am I?

The search party doesn’t arrive,

How am I still alive?

Skin and bone

All alone

Rage. Loathing. Panic.

Devastation. Turmoil. Manic.

The daily fear at the scales

Progress de-rails

Pressure. Perfection applied

Ride the tide

Years wasted


I’m fine’ -

That lethal line

Self destruction

Mind, abduction

Head first

Life, coerced.


Cara Jasmine Bradley ©

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