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Rated 5* on Amazon!

The Ultimate Year Six Guide To Leaving Primary School & Starting High School -

'The Ultimate Year Six Guide To Leaving Primary School' is a sensitive mixture of fiction and non-fiction.

The initial pages are dedicated to advice and various tips on how to handle the last few months at primary school, and what to expect at high school. This includes a question and answer section.

The practical guide is concluded by a short story entitled 'Leaving Deergate,' which focuses on the journey of 11 year old, football mad Polly Hendrix as she encounters her last year at primary school and embarks upon her first year at high school.

'Leaving Deergate' is largely focused on Polly's confusion surrounding growing up, and everything that comes with it, including boys, make-up, ever-changing friendships and of course, the dreaded transition from primary to high school.

Polly frequently refers back to a mixture memories she endured throughout her seven years at primary school, including that of her parent’s divorce – a further subject that is gently touched upon.

Throughout the story, there are a variety of emotions to explore.

Amidst Polly’s angst about being unable to stop the world around her changing, she also manages to retain some of her child-like humour, such as when she expresses being in awe of her Dad because he can ‘trump the National Anthem.’

The warming bond between Polly and her Dad is particularly highlighted.

The final chapter shows Polly settling down at high school and offering practical advice to those going through all she has experienced.

You can read an interview I gave about 'The Ultimate Year Six Guide To Leaving Primary School' to Manchester Media company, The Northern Quota, HERE:

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'Bravery is refusing to succumb to the voice that is louder than

your own...’

Outcast teenagers Jamie and Grace have one thing in common: they are both plagued by The Voice in their heads.

Aspiring musician Jamie is loud and obnoxious, and strives to impress the father who made his life a misery for so many years.

Poet Grace is shy and insecure, fighting to survive the high school bullies and trying to keep up with the demands of a social media world. The pair are sinking in their daily battles, but when their paths cross, can music, travel, friendship, and a sprinkling of romance bring them back to life?

'Skin & Bone' is the new young adult novel by Cara Jasmine Bradley, featuring the themes of:


🖤 Mental Health (Anorexia, anxiety & male depression) ✔️


🎸 Music (90s Brit Pop era = Oasis, Blur, The Verve, Pulp, etc) ✔️


🌏 Travel (solo travel, including Normandy, France) ✔️


👯‍♀️ Friendship (strong female support groups and lots of lads banter) ✔️


💘 Romance ✔️


🦎 Animals (a missing tarantula called Florence, and 2 stick insects named Noel & Liam who have their own Instagram page @astickysituation) ✔️


👨‍👩‍👧 Complex family dynamics (divorce, and an overbearing father) ✔️


📸 Social Media pressure & bullying ✔️


I was a guest on a brilliant Mental Health podcast (All About The Doubt) in January 2021, which featured 'Skin & Bone' - you can listen HERE:

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Features my poem 'BE KIND,' which was published on mental health charity SANE's website:

White Flower
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Inspired By Life: Musings Of A Whimsical Female Poet

If you’re looking for professional poetry and serious stuff, STOP RIGHT THERE! You’re going to be disappointed. I’m certainly no William Blake!

My poetic style is somewhat diverse, ranging from woeful verses of heartbreak, to almost rap-like rhymes that would put Jay-Z to shame...


Inspired by a variation of topics including anti-racism, nature, Coronavirus, travel and dogs, my collection of free-verse poems have been split into categories and embellished with annotations. I want to make poetry cool.


Poetry is self-expression; a beautiful, witty and thought-provoking formation of words on whatever subject one is feeling passionate about at any given time, whether it be climate change, or cats.


I think poems are made truly striking by the emotion that awakens the senses between the lines.

I hope to write poems that leave readers nodding fiercely at the page as they relate to every single word.

I hope to write poems that unite readers in laughter, tears and passion.

I hope to write poems that readers can interpret and mould into their own understanding.

I hope to write poems that readers can escape into, even if just for a few minutes.


At the same time, I want some of my poems to be so personal and mystical that they make very little sense. I want such poems to make the reader digest the meanings and put themselves within the words until their own interpretations prevail with fondness. 


The thing that I always find fascinating about writing is that every setting, every character, and every single thing described will appear totally different in the mind’s eye of each and every reader. Our imaginations make us unique, and our creativity combined illuminates the dull world around us with such indescribable beauty.



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Mental Health -

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