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I Feel Pretty: The Art of Confidence

I Feel Pretty is, in my opinion, one of the best movies out there. The perfect girlie pick-me-up, it is liberating, relatable, and oh so empowering. Coupled with a mix of sassy soundtracks, Amy Schumer’s fabulous heroine endeavours to have us hair tossing and nail checking in no time at all.

Feel good factor aside, I Feel Pretty sends a powerful message to women, reminding us of the timeless glow of self-assurance.

We’ve all had that iconic I Feel Pretty moment. We should, in-fact, strive to have them every single day!

As women, we all have our own secret list of ingredients when it comes to exerting the killer confidence that makes us dazzle from within.

Confidence is the vibrant shade of red we wear on our lips.

Confidence is the classy point of our French manicures.

Confidence is that new handbag we’ve been swooning over for weeks, and have finally treated ourselves to.

Confidence is a cut and blow dry at the salon.

Confidence is a perfectly fitting pair of jeans, or a smart new suit for work.

Confidence is a pair of glistening white trainers, and it is a pair of killer red heels.

Confidence is our favourite song blasting out of our headphones on the way to a job interview.

Confidence is the work-out we just smashed.

Confidence is commandeering the centre of the dance-floor on a night out.

Confidence is spending your lunch break in the park with a good book, enriching your mind.

Unfortunately, we’re in constant contention with a society whereby confidence can often be perceived as a negative characteristic. We live in a world that almost wants us to feel insecure and pick flaws with ourselves.

Since when was loving yourself and the person you have worked hard to become a bad thing?

Those who are yet to experience their very own light bulb moment are quick to brand confident women as ‘self absorbed,’ or even ‘arrogant.’

These assumptions are only possessed by those among us who are narrow-minded and set in their ways; those who refuse to think outside the box of conformity. A confident, independent woman is headstrong, fiery and poised, because she knows what she wants and what she needs to do to get it. Nothing and nobody can stop her, and woe betide you try and get in her way. Nobody but her is control of her own destiny.

A confident, independent woman is intimidating only to those who have not discovered their own mind yet. A confident, independent woman is dangerous only to those who seek to control her. A confident, independent woman is arrogant only to those who fail to understand.

While I am a huge believer in bigging up other women, I also swear by the fact that we should all take time to applaud our own successes and admire our own unique beauty. This is something that ALL women should incorporate into their daily routine.

The most divine element of beauty is that it radiates differently throughout every single one of us. As women, it’s very easy to get caught up in seeking to achieve what others consider to be success, or beauty. Confidence is the blessing to invent your own kind of success and beauty.

Confidence really is the most astounding quality a person can possess.

Those who are contented within themselves live the richest lives in terms of that increasingly rare inner happiness. Confident women aren’t perfect, but they are at peace with their imperfections. They do not spend their days longing for the unobtainable; they accept what they cannot change and embrace all that they can with passion and dedication. This is all done with an assertive and genuine smile.

People – from potential employers to new friends – are drawn to a woman who knows her own mind and exhibits her beliefs with class and integrity.

Confidence and the vibe of self-love are simply infectious.

Confidence has the power to change not only your day, but also your life.

Weaving self-confidence into your mindset will improve your entire outlook. With confidence on your side, you gradually become resilient to put-downs and set-backs. You learn to gracefully deal with negativities instead of allowing them to consume and deter you.

Never underestimate the importance of self love.

Everything in moderation: that is the secret to feeling great.

Look after your body, because you have it for life. Smash that work out, go get your personal best, but at the same time, eat that cake and pour yourself a glass of wine after a rubbish day.

Be productive and work hard to achieve your goals, but when all you feel like doing is hibernating under a duvet with a Netflix binge, then you indulge!

Life is full of pressure – sometimes it’s all we can do to remind ourselves to just breathe every once in a while. It’s okay not to be okay, and it’s totally fine not to have your stuff together some days.

Knockbacks are part of life.

Didn’t get the job? Have a night off applying and get back to it in the morning. Tomorrow is a new day.

Ran a bad time in your 10k? It happens. Take a day or so off training and then give it your all next time your run!

Spent all day in your pyjamas, eating chocolate and watching Gavin & Stacey? Sounds like absolute bliss! We all need a day off sometimes.

Never burn yourself out for anything, whether it’s, your job, your social life, your relationship, or even training for a marathon. It’s okay to say ‘no’ sometimes.

The art of wellbeing comes from nourishing ourselves and listening to our bodies. If our body wants a day off from working-out, rushing around, or partying with friends, then it is in our best interest to listen to its whispering requests.

Confident and powerful are the army of women who lead the way into the future.


Cara Jasmine Bradley ©


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