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Poynton Village 10k 2024 🏃🏻‍♀️😍

  “If you can’t avoid the mud, get in it!”

The above quote – spoken by one of the legendary marshals – perfectly summed up this morning’s race! 🤣


On Sunday 17th March 2024, I took part in the Poynton Village 10k, organised by Crazy Legs Events. I literally had THE most fun morning!

It was my first time at this event, and I’m already looking forward to running it again next year. I’d actually intended to do it last year, but it sadly fell in-line with that pesky on-off ankle injury I had, so I reluctantly shelved it for 12 months.

Being a newbie to the course, I had no expectations whatsoever, and was really keen to get stuck in.


The pre-race build up started on the Saturday, when I popped into Sports Feet in Hazel Grove to collect my number. They are such an incredible, knowledgeable, friendly bunch - it’s always a pleasure to drop in, and it kickstarts my excitement for race day.

I wouldn’t change any element of race weekends for anything in the entire world. Who needs nights out when you can have THIS? Running isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life. ❤️


On the day of the Poynton Village 10k, I did a classic Cara and opted to wear road shoes rather than trail… From 2k onwards, this proved to be a grave schoolboy error!

I just never learn. I’m a sucker for a road shoe – what can I say?!

Please can someone remind me to wear trail shoes for the Gritstone Grind Ultra in September…?! Honestly would not put it past me to just waltz off in my New Balance roadies.


I’ve actually just treated myself to my first pair of trail shoes (big shout out again to the team at Sports Feet!). While I know I need to start breaking them in for the Gritstone, I'm still stubbornly refusing to acknowledge them. I don’t know what it is, I just can’t bear to not wear my road shoes! I’ve been a loyal New Balance road shoe supporter for 10 years now, and the thought of running in anything else over any terrain doesn’t sit well with me, ha!

Anyway – I digress.                                                        

To be honest, had we not had a week of rain, road shoes would have been absolutely fine today. As it was, a good 6k of the course was practically one huge mud bath, with a few cheeky potholes thrown in for good measure.

… But oh my God, it was IMMENSE fun!

I gingerly dodged round the first couple of muddy puddles, before adhering to that age-old advice: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Sounds strange, but it actually made me feel like a kid again - I’d genuinely forgotten how liberating splashing through puddles can be! 😍

Poynton Village 10k 2024: just a tad muddy... 🤣😁

Large stretches of the course were hellishly slippy and it was near impossible to crank up any sort of decent pace in parts, but I didn’t care. Sometimes, I’m guilty of getting fixated on all of the technicalities like PBs and negative splits and places, and I forget to actually drink in every moment and just enjoy the race. Today literally forced me to slow down and embrace the sheer joys of running.

I was hoping for a time around the 42 minute mark, but after wading through the mud, I set my sights on a more realistic 45 minutes instead. I don’t ever time my races myself, so it was tricky to know what time I was on for.

My legs started to feel like lead at 8.5k, around the Poynton Pool section of the course, and I could feel my pace slowing. The ever-attractive donkey-breathing noises were in full swing as usual, which must have been rather upsetting for those unfortunate enough to be running within close proximity of me.... 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

I don’t know why I have to breathe so dramatically. Everyone else manages to pant quietly and with dignity, whereas I’m there basically braying like a mule, elbows sticking out at odd angles, and my Wednesday Addams plaits flying in the wind. 🥴🤣

Beautiful medal 🥰

I completed the Poynton 10k in 42:02, placing 4th female, 3rd in my age category, and 23rd out of 420 overall!

There was some slight confusion towards the end of the course when one of the brilliant marshals shouted that I was the third lady, so I genuinely thought this was where I’d finished, until the prize giving revealed that I’d actually finished fourth. I’m gutted to have missed out on a podium finish, but the ladies who took the top spots wracked up some insane times. Absolute wonder women! 💪🏼

I felt like a right knob, ha, I’d even rang my Mum happy-crying like, “I came third!” 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

Note to self: don’t celebrate until you’ve seen the results with your own eyes! Oh, and wear trail shoes when running on the Middlewood Way after a week of rain…


Regardless, I was still chuffed with my time, and really pleased with my overall position. And, most importantly, I LOVED the race. 🥰

My fellow runners were so supportive and kind. I heard so many people check in with each other around the course, and everyone was so patient at the gates, holding them open for the runner behind.

One great guy gave me a hug and congratulated me after the race, while another lovely gent from Prestwich RC came over for a wonderful chat.

I say this every single time, but wow, we have the BEST community in the world. One of the nicest things about going to races is that everyone has the same passion. You can strike up a conversation with anyone, and you’ll end up talking about all-things-running for hours. I absolutely LOVE it. My confidence has grown so much since I started attending running events three years ago.


You could take anything from me: my home, my job, my money (lol, all 59p of it), and I’d struggle through, but the one thing I could never survive without is my running. It’s my heartbeat, my irreplaceable.

It banishes every single negative emotion and worry from my mind, every damn time.

Sometimes, it feels like everything is black and white and ordinary, and then I lace up my trainers and the colour starts to crash through my veins. The further I run, the more the colour spreads. It leaves my soul and paints the world around me. Everything is going to be okay.

Nothing else matters.

Running brings me to life.

Oh, and was that a lobster I spotted out on  the course again…? (If you know, you know!). 😏🦞

The lobster is my all-time favourite addition to Crazy Legs events. I would personally like to see him also being taken on by Run North West, and possibly the Olympics.


Cara Jasmine Bradley ©


🏃🏻‍♀️ Crazy Legs Events:

📸 APN Sports Photography took the fab professional photos:



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